Potterton boilers

potterton-logolarge-potterton-paramount-commercial-boilerWith a record stretching back 150 years, Potterton is a British company with true British values. Potterton have made their name synonymous with reliability and this applies to their boilers and other product ranges, their people and their customer service. With an excellent track record in supplying high efficiency heating products, Potterton is a name you can trust.

The Potterton combi boiler range includes their flagship product, the Potterton Gold Combi HE A, which is the ultimate choice in high efficiency heating. Combi boilers are the best selling boiler type for gas central heating in Britain and will provide heat for radiators and domestic hot water on demand. As with any combi boiler, they can only provide maximum water pressure through one tap at a time, but they are an economical choice for smaller households with relatively low hot water demands. Additionally, they take up little space and are easy to fit. All Potterton combi boilers are highly efficient and reasonably priced.

Potterton heat only boilers are a small yet powerful solution to central heating and hot water provision. Hot water is provided in conjunction with a domestic hot water cylinder and a cold water cistern, which is usually in the loft above the boiler (a gravity feed). In most instances, there is also a separate expansion cistern. Heat-only boilers are usually present in older properties and if your property already runs on this system, it is easy to replace without too many pipework changes. Heat only boilers enable you to use a number of taps at once and are excellent solutions for homes with larger hot water demands.

Potterton regular (or floor standing) boilers have been designed to fit snugly under a kitchen or utility worktop and blend in with the surrounding design. Able to work with both fully pumped open systems and sealed systems using regular natural gas, they are able to work with existing central heating systems.

Potterton system boilers also work on the principle of stored hot water, however many of the individual components of the heating and hot water system are built into the boiler itself. The system removes the need for a feed and expansion cistern, but there is still a cold water tank unless you have a pressurised hot water cylinder. Systems boilers are suitable for homes with higher hot water demands and a number of taps can be used simultaneously without a reduction in water pressure.

The range of Potteron boilers is extensive below some of the more popular models

  • Suprima 30 HE
  • Promax 12 SL
  • Suprima 40 HE
  • Performa System 12 HE
  • Suprima 50 HE
  • Performa System 18 HE
  • Suprima 60 HE
  • Performa Combi 24 Eco HE
  • Promax System 12 HE Plus A
  • Promax System 15 HE Plus A
  • Promax 15 HE Plus
  • Performa System 28 HE
  • Promax System 18 HE Plus A
  • Promax 15 SL
  • Suprima 70 HE
  • Gold Combi 24 HE A
  • Promax 18 SL
  • Performa Combi 30 HE
  • Heatmax Combi 24 HE
  • Promax 24 HE Plus
  • Promax 24 SL
  • Suprima 80 HE
  • Performa System 24 HE
  • Gold Combi 28 HE A
  • Promax Combi 24 HE Plus A
  • Promax System 32 HE Plus A
  • Promax 30 SL
  • Heatmax Combi 28 HE
  • Titanium Combi 24
  • Gold Combi 33 HE A
  • Promax Combi 28 HE Plus A
  • Titanium Combi 28
  • Heatmax Combi 33 HE
  • Promax FSB 30 HE
  • Performa 9 SL HE
  • Promax System 24 HE Plus A
  • Titanium Combi 33
  • Promax 30 HE Plus
  • Performa 12 SL HE
  • Promax Combi 33 HE Plus A
  • Titanium Combi 40
  • Performa 15 SL HE
  • Performa 18 SL HE
  • Performa 21 SL HE
  • Performa 24 SL HE

To find out more about Potterton boilers, contact our team of experts who can help you in finding the most suitable boiler for your home.