Vokèra boilers

boilers-vokeraMore than 1.5 million Vokèra boilers have been installed around the UK and Ireland demonstrating their wealth of experience in home heating. As part of the global Riello Group, Vokèra is recognised for the quality and reliability of its products. At every stage, from research and development through to production and after sales support, they build quality in as standard.

Vokèra boilers

Vokèra boilers

Vokèra specialise in the domestic and light commercial market and provides products that fulfil modern requirements. Their range incorporates a product for every domestic use, including high efficiency combination, system and open vent boilers, light commercial boilers and water heaters and cylinders.

There are also Vokèra boilers produced for specialist applications. These were introduced to satisfy demand for boiler replacements on SE and U ducts and for those applications deemed exempt under the Building Regulations (England and Wales) and Building Standards (Scotland).

Vokèra boilers are available in natural gas with kits available to allow simple conversion to a different gas type (LPG). A wide range of flue options means that Vokèra appliances are extremely versatile — there isn’t any place in the home where they can’t be installed.

We install, service and repair the following Vokera boilers:

  • Compact 25A
  • Compact 29A
  • Unica 28 HE
  • Unica 32 HE
  • Unica 36 HE
  • Vision 25C
  • Vision 30C
  • Vision 20S
  • Vision 25S

To find out more about Vokèra boilers, contact our team of experts who can help you in finding the most suitable boiler for your home.